We're not *too* evil...

DC2600 is a group of geeks / hackers from the DC / metro area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland.

About The Meetings

The goal of the meetings is to get drunk discuss technology, hacking, computers, and anything of general interest. The meetings are open to anyone who has a general interest in technology, though the discussion can be technical / dive into geekery at times.

Meeting Location

The DC2600 meeting is held at:

We are currently homeless and looking for a new meeting spot.
Please check the meetup or Twitter for this months location.

People usually show up between 7pm and 8pm. When you arrive, ask for 2600; if no one else has arrived, let the host(ess) know you're with 2600. Also please announce by Twitter where you are located by using the hashtag #dc2600

Other DC area IT Security

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